• Application Guidelines

    NB: This application is expected to take atleast 15 minutes and atmost 30 minutes.

    1. Requirements for Studentship Application.

    1. Before you proceed to fill the form, make sure you have the following:
      • A scanned copy of your original ID(National ID or Passport details page).
      • Softcopy of coloured passport size photograph with a white background in any of the following formats png | jpg | jpeg | tiff | bmp.
      • A scanned copy of your original work/refuge/student/dependant/residence permit/card/pass is compulsory for Non-East African applicants.
      • Scanned copies of your original academic transcripts/pass slips.
      • Scanned copies of academic documents MUST have all faces as the original thus front & back pages.
      • Academic documents MUST be in pdf format.
      • Files to be uploaded must NOT exceed 8 MB.
    2. The names to be entered for this application must agree with names on all supporting documents. Any change must be supported by a legal document(e.g Marriage certificate, affidavit with deed poll)
    3. The declaration by the referee must be made by one of the following:
      • Your employer.
      • A training institution.
      • A member of a reputable profession.
      • A person in position of responsibility.
      NOTE:The referee must NOT be a close relative.
    4. All fields with * are mandatory and must be properly filled in for the application to progress.
    5. ICPAU reserves the right not to register and/or de-register any individual who in its opinion is not a fit and proper person for the accountancy profession in Uganda.

    2. Make ICPAU payment after completing your online application.

    1. Use your application number to make payment using any of the following means:

    3. Confirmation of Your Application.

    1. After making payment, present the following documents at ICPAU offices.
      • Printed copy of your application form that will be presented to you at the end of your online application duly signed by a referee.
      • Originals and photocopies of all supporting documents(academic documents and Identity cards).
      • Two(2) coloured passport size photographs with white background. Express photos are not acceptable.

    4. ICPAU Fees structure.

    SnGroupRegistration fees (UGX)
    1 CPA 130,000 /=
    2 CTA 160,000 /=
    3 ATD 110,000 /=