• General Guidelines for ICPAU Webinars

    1. General guidelines.

    1. ICPAU offers a number of Free and Paid webinars to Members, Students and general public.
    2. Webinars are aimed at ensuring that ICPAU Members keep up to date with the latest literacy in the accountancy profession and meet the required 40 CPD hours a year stipulated in the Accountants regulations.
    3. As a Member or Student, you are required to enter your Member,Student number or ICPAU ID to successfully register for a webinar and get the hours credited to your account upon attending. Incase you do not recall your Member or Student number, for Members, click here to search and obtain your Member number, for Students, click here to search and obtain your Student number,
    4. On successful registration your personal invitation link will be displayed on the screen. A copy will be sent to your email address. Reminders will be sent to your email address 1week, 1day and 1hour to the webinar.
    5. Please note that the link invites only one person(device). The device that logs in using the link is recognised as you. DO NOT SHARE IT

    2. Free webinars.

    1. ICPAU provides a number of free webinars to ICPAU Members to help keep up with the Annual CPD requirements for ICPAU Members. These will be communicated as free webinars in your email inbox and official ICPAU social media accounts.
    2. You are encouraged to follow the Official ICPAU social media accounts below for these webinars.
      1. Twitter
      2. Facebook
      3. LinkedIn
    3. The webinar videos will also be uploaded to the Official ICPAU Youtube channel click here to subscribe

    3. Paid webinars.

    1. ICPAU offers pocket friendly paid webinars to ICPAU Members ,Students and the general public.
    2. Fees charged come in 2(two) categories;
      1. ICPAU Member & Student fees: These are subsidised fees payable by Members and Students in good standing in order to attend a webinar.
      2. Non-member fees: These are an unsubsidised rates payable by persons of the general public interested in attending ICPAU webinars.
      3. Note: Members and Students not in good standing will be charged a non-member rate.

    4. Webinar certificates & Presentations(Slides).

    1. Webinar certificates & presentations(slides) will be sent automatically to participants after the webinar has ended.

    5. Q&A sessions, Polls and Webinar survey.

    1. During the webinar, participants are encouraged to use the Q&A board to post questions that will be answered after presenters have finished presenting. The chat board is for other discussions.
    2. Occasionally polls might be run during the webinar, participants are encouraged to answer the poll questions as they provide critical feedback to the organisers to improve your experience.
    3. After the webinar, participants may be directed to a survey. Participants are encouraged to fill in the survey in order to provide research data to help improve the accountancy profession.

    The field below is for ICPAU Members and Students only. Non-Members proceed
    Member No,Student No or ICPAU ID (For CPD hours)